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Essay On Tolerance – What To Include?

Essays on tolerance are persuasive essays. In this case, you need to convince your readers about the usefulness of your subject. There are a lot of topics here to work with. You can choose to write about religious tolerance, tolerance generally, zero tolerance, sports pain tolerance, zero tolerance among others. After choosing a topic to write on, gather your thoughts in an outline. This important step should not be left out because it helps you to coordinate your thoughts. The next step is to write your essay. Here is a sample:

Sample Essay On Tolerance

Is the zero tolerance policy effective in combating crime and indiscipline in school? Zero tolerance policies date back to the 90s and mostly targeted problems like weapons and drugs. As time passed, schools expanded their list of punishable offenses. This created more disciplinary issues. The public schools use suspension or expulsion as a form of punishment for students who break certain rules. Such policies aim to promote the student’s safety in so many ways. Where rules have been broken, the students are to be punished without any exception.

Some people believe that this lack of leniency is the best way to go to keep students in check. However, I do not support the zero tolerance policy which is implemented in public schools. The reason for my belief is that schools should personalize each situation because of the negative effects on the students.

Why is tolerance unjust? My problem with zero tolerance in public schools today is the general treatment that is meted out to all kids regardless of intent, age, history of behavior, as well as specific needs. This sort of punishment can be dangerous to children since it holds them responsible for wrongdoings that they had no plans to commit. All the students are punished severely for a mistake they made. It doesn’t matter that they may be innocent in the matter. For example, a bullying victim will also be punished if he tried to fight the bully back. It doesn’t matter that he was trying to protect himself.

Under the zero tolerance policy, the bully and victim are punished because there is a policy against violence according to the rules of the school. It can hurt the child who was only trying to fight back. A better policy would be to personalize all punishments to the crime and the intent. Where two children are fighting as a result of a victim fighting a bully back, the bully should be punished while the child is educated on the importance of involving a parent or guardian.

This is a short sample paper on zero tolerance policy and why it needs to be expunged in the school environment. If you still cannot come up with topics or ideas, you can get writing help from professionals at a cheap price.

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