Essay Writing Tips For You

Tips on Writing your Essay in English

At a different stage of the learning process, you may need the assignment to write an English essay to demonstrate your knowledge and skills. You may have a good command of the English language but get the structure of the paper document. Understand each section of the essay and what it entails.

A typical English essay has three sections: the introduction, body, and conclusion. Your report may take three paragraphs for each point.  However, some complicated papers may take more than a paragraph for each section.


Your introduction should begin with powerful sentences that entice the reader to read through your work. Starting with a controversial or contradicting statement can help you in capturing the reader’s mind. You may also consider using surprising statistics or quotes to command the attention of the reader. The introduction section directly addresses the essay question. It should clearly state what your essay is all about and how you will structure your work. Some brief definitions of critical teams may also be necessary for this section.

The introduction should be brief, depending on the essay types. Don’t go into much detail about your essay in this section. You may also write this section at the end of your argument because it may keep changing as you develop your essay.


The body of your essay should be into different paragraph sections. Each section should contain the other point of your argument. Make each paragraph a new step of your opinion to help your reader understand what you are trying to prove in your essay. You should plan this section very well to give a logical flow. Please back up your points with evidence, example, and other evidence to boost their credibility. Explain why your issues are a direct confirmation of your argument.

Maintain relevance to your topic in this section and use transitional words to indicate the beginning of a new augment. Your essay will have a smooth and organized flow with correct sentence patterns in your work that give the reader an easy time going through your work.


The conclusion is the last section of your essay, where you finally state your case. These sections should be very brief. You need to restate your case in a few sentences and summarize your argument. The area wraps all the points together and reinforces your essay argument’s main points. In this section, sum up all topics for your audience and leave something for them to think about after reading your work.

English essay writing tips and style

Write your essay, informal language. Avoid using idiomatic phrases, slang, or contradictions.

Write using the third person point of view. Use words such as they, she, he, and avoid referring to yourself.

Use Active Speech and Avoid Passive Vocabulary in Your Writing

Have a smooth flow of your paragraphs. Although each paragraph should be a different section of your argument, ensure the last bit leads you to the next paragraph.


Writing skills may take some time to develop. You may think of writing as an argument with a person where you have to prove yourself right. Think of how you will wrap your ideas at the end of your opinion. It will give you a straightforward approach to kick start your essay.

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