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Writing and Formatting an MBA Application Essay

Wondering what an MBA essay is? It is simply a master’s in business administration. Sometimes, an MBA essay can be referred to as an MBA admission essay or MBA application essay. If you can any of the terms, they all mean the same thing. Students need to write and submit these essays when applying for admission to an institute, among other requirements.

Why you should write the MBA essay

Many applicants want to join the MBA programs, yet the space is limited. Some applicants have excellent grades, but the institute can’t accommodate more students than the required number. That is why you have to write the essay proving you are the ideal candidate to join the institute. If you don’t write a good essay, they won’t get a chance to enrollment into the program.

Again, most applicants have the best profile in terms of experience, grades, and great ideas to contribute to the MBA program. However, the only way the admission committee can evaluate and pick suitable candidates is through writing an MBA essay. This way, they can read and understand a person well and select the required candidates.

Is there a moment you don’t need to write the MBA essay?

Some business institutes don’t necessarily require you to provide an MBA essay to get an admission. If the institute you select does not need the paper, then you do not have to write. However, if the institute says writing the MBA essay is optional, kindly write an essay to avoid missing an opportunity.

The required length of an MBA essay

Most schools providing the MBA program have strict requirements when it comes to the word limit. Some will specify the number of words, like 500 words or 1000 words. Others will ask you to write a one-page essay or a two-page essay. Whatever the requirements are, stick to them. After all, the ability to follow the instructions is one of the admission committee’s concepts.

Still, there are instances when they haven’t specified the essay limit. In this case, you have the freedom to write how you wish. However, the best thing is to keep the essay short to minimize the errors. The sentences should be clear without fluffy words.

Formatting tips for an MBA Essay

MBA essays have specific requirements when it comes to formatting. Take note of the instructions. For instance, you should adjust the margins to have extra white space around the document. Use fronts like Georgia and Times New Roman for easy reading. Keep off funny fonts.

How to format a five-page essay

Most essays have five paragraphs, as explained below:

  • Introduction – one paragraph
  • The main body – three paragraphs
  • Conclusion – one paragraph.

Every paragraph has a limited number of sentences. Try and keep all the sentences uniform in all sections. For instance, if the introduction has five sentences, try to maintain the same trend in other paragraphs.

Take note of how to use the transition words. They help the reader go through your document in a flowing manner.

The introduction should be catchy, meaning it should act as a hook. You don’t want the reader to switch off straight from the introduction. Still, when writing the introduction, let the reader understand your paper’s purpose from the word go.

On to the main body, each paragraph should explain a single concept. Avoid putting points in one section. It will confuse the reader, and it will make your essay appear disorganized.

Finally, write a compelling conclusion to sum up, everything you have discussed in the entire paper. Avoid repeating ideas you already addressed in the instruction. After the introduction, reference or cite your work according to the instructions.

Note: Never submit your work without proofreading for mistakes.

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