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How to Write a Money Essay: Great Tips

There are a lot of ways to write a money essay. You can argue for or against the statement that money cannot buy happiness. The idea that money buys happiness may be against all the moral lessons that we have been taught. The statement suggests that it is okay to be self-centered and be indifferent to the poor.

It is reinforced by social commentators and has been preached widely. However, when people spend money, they do not appear miserable, so there’s a doubt if this statement is really true. This can be a basis for your argument that money can buy happiness. However, you can state that the purchases may be different from what people expect.

Money essay topics to support your argument

  1. Money buys warm clothing
  2. Money can buy happiness when it means keeping you warm during a cold winter. It can be heart-wrenching not to be able to buy warm clothing in chilling weather. Argue that money can buy such clothing, and this translates to making a person happy.

  3. Money pays for shelter and buys food
  4. Food and shelter are basic necessities that keep you protected from the elements and nourish your body. Being able to provide food and shelter is a thing of joy. It doesn’t always mean living in a mansion or eating in a five-star restaurant. Every person wants a measure of comfort, and this means happiness. So, money does buy happiness.

  5. Money is a reward
  6. Long hours of work and hard work should count for something. When you are paid for a good job done, it is a reward that shows that your efforts were counted. Feeling valuable bring happiness, so money buys happiness going by this fact.

  7. Money relieves the pains that come with poverty
  8. Andrew Carnegie wrote a famous quote that a man who dies rich dies poor. Carnegie was never a pauper, so how did he know that a poor man’s fate was better off? Money can bring happiness to an impoverished family. Consider how happy poor people are when they are beneficiaries of the generosity of rich people.

  9. Money makes it possible to spend time with friends and family
  10. You can spend time with family in the house, but when you go out, you could make more memories when you can afford to go out and see things together. It’s nice to change your environment once in a while, and money can help you to do that.

Money Allows You to Spend Quality Time with Family and Friends. You can always stay around the house with people, but being able to go out to a restaurant or an entertainment venue allows for a lot of fun. It provides an opportunity to socialize with those who are important to you in places that are intended to be enjoyable.

You can use any of the topics above to justify the money and the happiness it brings. However, don’t forget to add that what matters is how the money is spent. This is because some buying habits can be injurious in the short and long term. So you can conclude by saying that spending money on your necessities brings happiness. You can get writing help if you need a more professional essay.