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Wonderful Facebook Essay: Tips And Topics

Writing a Facebook essay can be difficult because the paper seems vague. But there are a lot of topics to write on. Essentially, you will be writing an argumentative essay for or against Facebook. Remember that for your essay to be effective; it has to contain some elements that can help persuade the readers to see things the way you see them. This means that your Facebook essay must contain a balanced assessment, a compelling topic, persuasive language, and strong evidence.

Topics for a Facebook Essay

  1. Is Facebook making users mean?
  2. In this modern world, almost everyone has a smartphone, and the influence of social media is stronger than ever. Younger users of Facebook tend to be rude and insensitive to other users. This probably because it is easier to say mean things online than to say them in person.

  3. Positive effects of social media and Facebook
  4. Experts have warned about the negative effect of social media networks like Facebook. However, there are a lot of positive sides to it. The platform can help people to network and meet their peers for business opportunities.

  5. Social media platforms like Facebook is a necessary evil
  6. Even though many people argue that Face does more harm than good, we cannot overlook the good aspects of this social media platform. Facebook has made it possible for family and friends to connect despite being miles away from each other.

  7. The negative effects of Facebook on interpersonal relationships
  8. More people are addicted to their mobile phones. Picture a modern restaurant with people seated and looking into their phones instead of socializing. Users of Facebook prefer to chat with their online friends than mix with people physically. This may affect them in so many ways.

  9. Should students take time off social media platforms like Facebook
  10. Facebook can be distracting to students in high school as well as college. Research has shown that Facebook and other social networking sites can be unhealthily addictive. In fact, the term ‘Facebook addiction’ has been used to describe people who have an unhealthy addiction to Facebook.

  11. Facebook Vs. Twitter: which social media platform has more impact
  12. Twitter is a microblogging platform that offers a different approach to social networking. Unlike Facebook, the network is fast-paced and trending information. Research has shown that Facebook has a better reach for businesses who want to grow their brand.

  13. The good and bad sides of Facebook
  14. Social media platforms like Facebook may be excellent networking tools, but it can also be dangerous for unsuspecting youths. Reports show that this platform has been used to perpetuate love scams that have cost users millions of dollars.

  15. The effect of Facebook on the English language
  16. According to research, Facebook has been instrumental in English language learning. Several users have stated that they learned English from using Facebook.

You can pick one topic from the above to work on. If you still have issues, you can get professional writing help for a low price.

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