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Writing your Rhetorical Analysis Essay

When students are given the task of writing a rhetorical essay, it is expected that they look at the topic very critically and write something from their perspective. The objective here is to be persuasive as much as possible and it is common in AP English exams.

The approach to this essay

Students should note that their essay is expected to be grammatically correct. It should be concise and straight to the point. This type of essay is expected to be written in the present tense and the language should be coherent enough. It should give a response to the analyzed article. 

Writing tips

It is wrong to mention new information in the conclusion of the essay. All that should be discussed here is the summary of the information involved in the text.

This essay does not give room for argument. You are not expected to state your views but rather carry out an analysis.

Proofread your work very well before submission. Make use of online tools to check for grammatical errors or mistakes. 

Take time off before coming to your essay again to revise the final draft of your paper before submission. 

It is advised that you seek professional help online if you are having doubts. You can get the job professionally done if you are connected to a credible online writing channel that has what it takes to give the quality that mattered. 

How to start the essay

Get a good example that will serve as a guide to achieve the best results. There is nothing like beginning the essay with a hook sentence that will excite your readers to read through your essay. The hook sentence should be one that is in tune with your audience.

Where do you stand?

It is expected of every writer to choose their position. Presenting a powerful thesis that is in tune with the theme will go all the way to give credit to your work.


The best that you can get from this category of the essay will be dependent on the level of educational research that you are able to put into your research efforts. This should be done in simple well-coordinated sentences. Every possible strategy should be used in other to support your analysis.

Your strategy

Your goal is to arrest the attention of the audience and this can be achieved through an effective strategy. The strategy that will give you the best results should be one that will connect well with your audience. 

An understanding of Ethos; Pathos and Logos is instrumental in getting the best results on offer. Ethos refers to your credibility to carry out an effective analysis of the topic. Pathos has to do with emotions. Students are expected to create an emotional approach that will connect to the target audience. 

It is expected that students exploit their rational thinking. You are expected to dig out the facts that will influence their rational way of thinking.

It is expected of every student to begin with information gathering. A lot of time should be allocated here. The more info you are able to gather; the better the depth of your essay.

Final thought

Everything that is needed to get the best results out of the rhetorical essay has been disclosed above.

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